Returning & Holding Prosperity To Your Altar


If you are someone who pays with cash there may be a lot of loose change in your purse, wallet, or lying around your house. If you have asked an entity your working with to help bring money into your life you can return the favor with your loose change. For every purchase you make simply gift the change or remaining bills to your altar. If the entity is assisting you in spiritual work that you are making a profit on, you can give them some of the excess that you don’t know what to do with. It is not uncommon for the entity to return the money in another form such as gifted items or in situations where money is given by chance such as a scratch off or giveaway. For example, the amount might be the same you gave or it will happen in a timely manner to the offering. There can also be signs of the money being given back to you when you offer it such as lids popping off or money spilling out toward you. I personally leave it on there anyways. When money is gifted it no longer feels like it belongs to you and thus there is a wall of overwhelming hesitation when pushed to spend it.

You can also put foreign money and arcade tokens on your altar that you find or receive while traveling or as a gift. If you find money on the ground or while cleaning that can also be donated to your altar.


If you have money that you would like to hold on to, but you have people in your life that are trying to get at it; place it on your altar and ask the entity to hold on to it for you. Even if you try to take the money off the altar to spend it, situations will arise where what you were asked to spend it on, you cant, the item will be out of stock or a reason for the transaction not to take place will arise.

When you would like to spend that money, simply ask the entity to relinquish it and thank it. Usually when you are pushed to spend money that you don’t want to spend in the moment you forget to ask the entity to relinquish it.This is a safe guard for most impulsive decisions.


My altar is money cluttered, what do I do with it?

After awhile you may notice your altar has quite a bit of money in coinage or value. Most of us probably already spoil our altars, but you can still use the money to buy them something. If they have a cause they feel passionate about you can donate it to a charity. If they would want to share the prosperity it can be gifted to the homeless or a person/ animal in need of something like medical treatment. If you need space but don’t think it should be spent on anything it can be added to an account where it can earn interest and in which case you can transfer money to it easier. Simply meditate on it if you are unsure of what to do.The entity you are working with will let you know what they feel comfortable with and you shouldn’t force them to spend it. Maybe what they want is at a higher value or isn’t available yet. Whatever the case may be do not spend the money on yourself unless they actually want you to and you may want to consider blessing and/ or protecting the money you gifted them.





Calming Spell – Removing Negative Thoughts

All you need is:

  • Orange Peels – Divination, Love
  • Vanilla Powder –  Mental Powers, Love
  • Red Sandalwood – Remove Negativity, Healing, Protection
  • Rose Pedals– Love, Close Friendships, Domestic Peace and Happiness, Lasting Relationships
  • Cedar Chips – Healing, Purification, Protection
  • Ginseng – Healing, Love
  • Chamomile – Purification, Love

Once you place it in the container of your choice, keeping the lid/ Ziploc open and added the intent to it, a crystal can be added to the top of the opening to filter out any negativity that may have been put into the jar before it is sent out.

I used:

Orgonite Pyramid


Art spell for your full potential (Rune and Color magic(k)


Write this on your sketchbook or any assignment to access your best potential.

What the following represents in this spell:


Yellow – Success, memory, concentration, inspiration, imagination, confidence, and flexibility.

Red – Passion, courage, action, independence, assertiveness, and competition.

Pink – Self-improvement and maturity.

Orange – Creativity, self-expression, ambition, action, and opportunity.


Mannaz – Embracing mistakes with acceptance, knowing that each new experience will teach more of life. It bringing out our fullest potential, creativity, and forward planning.

Perthro – Making the best of your skills and materials, understanding lessons, problem solving, recollection, memory, and interaction between personal free will and the constants of our circumstances.

Kenaz – Inspiration, sheds light on problems, learning, knowledge, insight given as it is used more is gained.

Magic(k)al Names and What They Actually Do

I watched quite a few videos on magic(k)al names and through experience I find my opinion differs slightly.

Do not think of your magic(k)al name(s) as something that relates to yourself characteristically, but instead your goals. In numerology calculating the destiny/expression number through letters with corresponding numerical values for something as simple as a username gives you the talents and abilities which present itself. So when choosing a username you are essentially choosing the energy you will work with on the site.

Number Meaning Reference:

Here is the numerical value reference:


For example: my username is Atheist Witch the numerical equivalent is 1285912 59238. When adding each individual number together the value is 55. I then add the two digits if they are not a master number (11, 22, or 33, others such as 44, 55, etc have not been officially established.) to get 10 and then I simplify again to get 1. This will give me the destiny/expression of a 1 on this website.

Some people therefore change names for phases of their lives as some energy is no longer needed, or you could have one that correlates with your number (For example my expression number is 11 which consist of an extreme 1 and 2. If the full potential is not used it reduces to a 2). There are many numbers in your chart so it wont affect you too much if they don’t match.

What are the different numbers? (That I have found anyways)

  • Life Path
  • Expression/ Destiny
  • Maturity
  • Bridge between Expression and Life Path
  • Cornerstone
  • Capstone
  • First Challenge
  • Second Challenge
  • Third Challenge
  • Fourth Challenge
  • Attitude
  • Balance
  • Karmic Lesson
  • Hidden Passion
  • Rational Thought
  • Plane of expression/ Personal Aspects
  • Subconscious Self
  • Transits (Physical, Mental, Spiritual)
  • Essence Cycle
  • Birthday
  • Inner Dreams
  • Birth Year
  • Hearts Desire/ Soul Urge
  • Minor Heart’s Desire
  • Karmic Debt
  • Open Heart Letter/ Deeper Self/ First Vowel
  • Minor Expression
  • Personality
  • Minor Personality
  • Sun Number
  • Bridge between Hearts Desire and Personality
  • Period Cycle (1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd)
  • Pinnacle Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)
  • Power Number
  • Achievement
  • Personal Year
  • Personal Month
  • Personal Day

Delaying Delivery Spell for Crafted Objects (Rune Magic(k))


The above needs to be written on your body in pen. The above is in rune for “integrity”, and in order to delay the shipment and completion of a package, letter, spell, or anything crafted one must think of it as they write. Afterwards the intent must be forgotten, and expectations should remain as if nothing was tampered with.

How do you know it is working? The runes should be increasingly difficult to wash from the skin until spell has completed the effects. However ink will need to dry on the skin so do not rush. To check for accuracy write something else on the skin to compare and confirm if it is harder to wash off. The runes may fade with time but may not completely remove themselves as it is still in progress.

Rune meaning and use in the spell:

Raidho ~ Responsible for travel. It travels through consciousness to give a time warning.

Gebo ~ Responsible for a gift. It establishes a connection between the people making the exchange.

Naudhiz ~ Responsible for restrictions.

Isa ~ Responsible for the process falling to a standstill. Activity will be halted till a change is made. This change cannot be stopped.

Jera ~ The opposition giving a sudden setback and bad timing.

Teiwaz – (Reversed) Failure to complete and difficulties in communication.

Ehwaz – Responsible for transportation. Gradual development and steady progress.

Making & Casting Spells, Basics

Be specific.

Using a huge amount of herbs and stones with a melting pot of meaning clouds the intent even if you know what the intent is. Try breaking it down into multiple spells.


Work for the spell. Show dedication to the goal. For example, you would like to have a raise. Show you’re dedicated by learning a new skill that will benefit the work place.


If the spell uses words don’t make beautiful poetry that has no meaning to you. Say something that comes from the heart. You can take someone else’s spell, and change it around to fit you.


You don’t need to visualize yourself with the raise, but you do need to believe it is possible. Any doubt could hinder everything.


Don’t constantly think about it. After the casting go on with your day. Take up a hobby to take your mind off it.

Free will.

Trying to control someone’s free will can prevent success. This depends on the individual. Some will fight it, others won’t. This all happens subconsciously. Regardless of outcome this action could have consequences later.

Negative attributes.

Everything can be negative or positive. You could get something you never intended. A protection spell could end up as an attraction spell for what you tried to protect yourself from.


Words said in strong emotion, even if it was never meant. Once it is in motion it is hard to stop. You can put one on yourself. For example if you swear you will never love someone in anger. Say it enough, you may find your heart chakra is blocked, and you can’t put everything into a relationship. You will then sabotage yourself every time, even in true love.


The more repeated the stronger the spell can get.


Charms are usually carried on an individual to integrate into the caster’s energy. They often work continually until another person has put their eyes on it, contaminating the energy.